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Get Fit Fast & Love Your Body!!

Quick & simple solutions for losing weight, getting fit and feeling great!

Our Fitness Classes

HIIT Shred & Sculpt

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Our Signature 30-minute High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class that gives you

The exact combination of cardio and strength training that sculpts muscle, burns fat and boosts your metabolism for hours after your workout!! Every workout is different so you’ll never get bored!!

HIIT Plyo Burn

A 45-minute cardio-pumping class that is guaranteed to make you sweat!
This intense workout is designed to improve your strength, endurance & energy.
After the class you'll come away with peace & serenity as we finish with rejuvenating yoga.


HIIT Yoga Burst

Flat & Fab ABS

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This 45-minute class is a perfect blend of sweat,
strength & stretch.

Flow through a series of yoga poses then "HIIT" some high intensity intervals for
fat-burning results!
No yoga experience necessary!

This 30-minute class includes 3 Parts:
1) HIIT intervals to shred fat
2) Specialized exercises that strengthen & flatten lower abs
3) Yoga flow stretching to enhance mindfulness.

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As a member of our studio, you will get:

Personalized Tracking:
- Measurements
- Fitness Testing
- Workout Progression

- Scheduled (but flexible) workouts where you train with the same crew each week


Personal Trainer:
- In a small group setting your trainer is guiding you and pushing you to your limits


- The workouts are customized for all fitness levels and injuries/abilities

Workout Variety:
- Equipment and formats change to get max results! 
- Access to H.I.I.T & Yoga 

MAX Results ~ MIN Time:
- Specially designed workouts to burn fat and sculpt muscle in a short time

Exclusive Member Facebook Community:
- Healthy Recipes
- At-Home Workouts
- Weekly Challenges

Fitness Family:
- Your Workout Crew counts on you each week
- You might just meet your new best friend!

Current Class Schedule

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"Better than any other program"

" Natasha is amazing and has worked with me so that I could exercise while injured.  Thank you so much Natasha for all your hard work and caring so much about your clients!!!! It really pays off having someone who cares so much about your health and fitness goals.

Kelly N, Willow Beach Ont.

Kelly N, Willow Beach Ont.

Lindsay P, Bolton Ont.

Lindsay P, Bolton Ont.

"I've lost 25 pounds and 4 dress sizes!"

"Working out with Natasha has changed my life!  When I started with Natasha just under 2 years ago, I was overweight, tired all the time and under a lot of stress dealing with personal issues.  I needed a change in my life and NatashaCFitness was it.  Natasha's studio was the non-judgemental environment that I needed to get my health back on track. Natasha is amazing at what she does! Her workouts are...

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Studio Location: 

104 Grant Blight Cres.
in Newmarket

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